Thursday, May 1, 2014

Journal may 1st

Happy May Day & International Workers' Day.  It's on most of our minds most of the time, but today is an opportunity to reflect on the question consciously: is America in 2014 the Land of Opportunity, or is it a rigged game that favors the wealthy?  Please support your perspective with at least one personal example and one from the media.

I believe the United States is the land of opportunity, the fact that you can do whatever you want without having someone dictate your decisions. In the U.S. we are spoiled and most don't realize it, the reason they say it's a rigged game is those who just look at the negitive of  our country. We as a whole think the upper class is just a scandal party  that might be true given some situations that have occurred in recent news. In our government there has been countless number of scandals just like the fast and furious bill, this aloud the U.S. To sell guns to drug cartels which in turned killed two federal agents. Now they are trying to take our guns away to prevent crime that makes up school shootings.  I wouldn't say it is a rigged game because almost anyone can become wealthy you just have to want to strive to be the best. It's not just the wealthy running the show it's the scandalous government screwing us. The opportunities the government does offer such as the military is a great way to benefit anyone's future that's why I'm going to enlist and try my hardest to provide a future for myself and my future family.

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