Monday, May 12, 2014

Journal May 12

Yesterday many of us celebrated Mother's Day, which was made a U.S. National Holiday by Woodrow Wilson 100 years ago.  Did you observe the occasion?  How do you show gratitude or affection to your Mom the other 364 days?  (If you want to de-personalize the topic: Why do so many public figures thank their Moms on camera so much more often than their Dads?) 

When Mother's Day comes up I acknowledge the occasion by giving my mom a kiss and a hug. The rest of the year I tell my mom I love her everyday and let her know that I care. I think  that the camera aspect comes when people try to get likes on Facebook or Instagram. I mean I understand  how you want to share with those online that you care about your mom. In  my opinion people try to do everything online just to get likes and that's like the point syestem. Most people think there dads are trash or don't care, which is the sterotype of  most people. But in the court syestem and basically anywhere before the dad  even is given the option to talk woman get over 50% of the vote. Men are now not seen as a great figure but I think that's cause woman open up their feelings more and like to share their feelings.

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