Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Journal may 7th

Over the course of the year we've talked about the similarities and differences between fiction (the lie that tells the truth) and nonfiction (the truth that isn't objective). Explain how you and your life would be portrayed in a movie. Would the movie be focused on you, someone you know, or an event? Who would play you? Why? Please explain your answers.

If I were to make a movie about my life it would  be very exciting and keep you at the edge of your seat. I say that because my life has had ups and downs more than an elevator. It would focus on several people who have impacted my life the most. I would include the funniest parts that put me under the most stress and pressure. If I were to have someone play as me it would be Adam sandler cause he would know how to play me and react as if I would In certain situations. My life is a series of unfortunate events no pun intended, but those events have lead  me up to now and has made an impact on future decisions. The past is the past and the future can't be predicted that's why the present is a present.

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