Friday, May 23, 2014

MEPS experience

So for the past two days I was in San Jose getting everything done that I needed to for the Marine corp. I must say the test wasn't that hard but the hard part was the next day also know as the physical and medical screening. It's a whole day long process that takes from 5 am to 3pm which is very tiring and annoying. If you plan on going don't expect anyone to be even a percent nice, they have to work with some of the most dumbest kids and a lot of the employees are bitter. You have to make sure everything about you is on point, such as not too much ear wax in your ears you can't have anything wrong with you that day even if it's a cold or else you'll have to come back another time and drive 3 hours. They take your blood, check your eyes and ears, drug test, and the worst part was these maneuvers you had to do. They consisted of a duck walk, walking on your knees, rotating your arms a bunch of times, but what really sucked was that was the last part for me. I had to wait in one room from 10 am till 3pm just for one thing to get done in my underwear. I actually missed the first part cause I had to use the bath room and was one second late so I had to wait another hour. If you are awaiting your physical and lunch is almost over you can't get lunch because you'll lose your spot and have to wait literally another 2 hours.
Well that was my experience usually everyone hates it cause it's a really long and dumb process. No one there really cares if you are dead or alive or what your purpose is there. Really

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