Friday, May 23, 2014

MEPS experience

So for the past two days I was in San Jose getting everything done that I needed to for the Marine corp. I must say the test wasn't that hard but the hard part was the next day also know as the physical and medical screening. It's a whole day long process that takes from 5 am to 3pm which is very tiring and annoying. If you plan on going don't expect anyone to be even a percent nice, they have to work with some of the most dumbest kids and a lot of the employees are bitter. You have to make sure everything about you is on point, such as not too much ear wax in your ears you can't have anything wrong with you that day even if it's a cold or else you'll have to come back another time and drive 3 hours. They take your blood, check your eyes and ears, drug test, and the worst part was these maneuvers you had to do. They consisted of a duck walk, walking on your knees, rotating your arms a bunch of times, but what really sucked was that was the last part for me. I had to wait in one room from 10 am till 3pm just for one thing to get done in my underwear. I actually missed the first part cause I had to use the bath room and was one second late so I had to wait another hour. If you are awaiting your physical and lunch is almost over you can't get lunch because you'll lose your spot and have to wait literally another 2 hours.
Well that was my experience usually everyone hates it cause it's a really long and dumb process. No one there really cares if you are dead or alive or what your purpose is there. Really

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20 journal

What would you do if Batman shoved you up against a locker and told you to give him your lunch money? (Hint: you're going to be on the wrong side of a beat down if you handle this badly, so choose your strategies/tactics/words carefully. :)

Ok well batman isn't the toughest of the super Hero's he isn't really a super hero when you think about their is nothing super about him. So I'll take off my shirt and he will see the big S on my chest. He will then be extremely surprised about who I am. Then I will use my freeze breath to freeze him and then take his batman gear that makes up batman and expose him for trying to be a bad guy to the bad guy. Ha ha after that is done and he isn't frozen anymore I will the. Punch him really hard to break his face then throw a dollar in his mouth.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Journal MAY 19

What do I expect to see from the masterpiece academy? Well to start off I know a lot of my peers throughout the have lacked the ability to showcase what they actually care about or open up what they know. This is why i shall be excited to see what they have to offer, now for me I plan on giving a presentation that will really show the definition of what I am about and exactly what I love. I really hope to take In some information and actually see what these kids are up to. It'll be pretty exciting espically since I put a good amount of thought and time into mine. Let's hope for absolute chaos and in chaos I mean an abundance of knowledge and curiosity.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Journal May 12

Yesterday many of us celebrated Mother's Day, which was made a U.S. National Holiday by Woodrow Wilson 100 years ago.  Did you observe the occasion?  How do you show gratitude or affection to your Mom the other 364 days?  (If you want to de-personalize the topic: Why do so many public figures thank their Moms on camera so much more often than their Dads?) 

When Mother's Day comes up I acknowledge the occasion by giving my mom a kiss and a hug. The rest of the year I tell my mom I love her everyday and let her know that I care. I think  that the camera aspect comes when people try to get likes on Facebook or Instagram. I mean I understand  how you want to share with those online that you care about your mom. In  my opinion people try to do everything online just to get likes and that's like the point syestem. Most people think there dads are trash or don't care, which is the sterotype of  most people. But in the court syestem and basically anywhere before the dad  even is given the option to talk woman get over 50% of the vote. Men are now not seen as a great figure but I think that's cause woman open up their feelings more and like to share their feelings.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Journal may 8

What makes you angry and how do you deal with it?

What really makes me mad to a boiling point is ignorant immature people. Now a days not everyone has common sense , either they act ignorant or say dumb things. It's really annoying when not everyone you talk to is immature and doesn't have an intelligence good to comply with the things you
Try to say. It just really makes your day longer and harder. How I deal with it just go on by and know who to avoid. I can be around a group of people who just can't get an idea. Another thing that really makes mad is when I'm in a hurry to class and there's a group of people walking really slow how I deal with it is I'll walk right through cause I really don't care what anyone has to say.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Journal may 7th

Over the course of the year we've talked about the similarities and differences between fiction (the lie that tells the truth) and nonfiction (the truth that isn't objective). Explain how you and your life would be portrayed in a movie. Would the movie be focused on you, someone you know, or an event? Who would play you? Why? Please explain your answers.

If I were to make a movie about my life it would  be very exciting and keep you at the edge of your seat. I say that because my life has had ups and downs more than an elevator. It would focus on several people who have impacted my life the most. I would include the funniest parts that put me under the most stress and pressure. If I were to have someone play as me it would be Adam sandler cause he would know how to play me and react as if I would In certain situations. My life is a series of unfortunate events no pun intended, but those events have lead  me up to now and has made an impact on future decisions. The past is the past and the future can't be predicted that's why the present is a present.

Friday, May 2, 2014


When I began body building two years ago I never thought it could lead up to a moment where I can use my physical abilities to provide a career for me. I'm enlisting to the Marine corps and the way they think and talk and work out is perfect for me. I'm a well driven individual and push myself harder and harder each day. I'm not the type to give up and now that I can put words into action and apply myself really contributed to my decision in joining the Marines. At first it was a struggle I worried everyday what I would do after I graduated. Now i look back and could've made this decision a long time ago. My passion for body building helped me become a real self disciplined  type of person. And that is key in the Marines . I love the fact I can learn about what I wanted to and prove what I know in dr Preston's open source learning. It takes a while to realize what your purpose is In this world and with this class it helped get me there.