Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Journal April 30

When do you seek others' counsel in making a big decision, and when do you think it's important to take the plunge on your own?

When I seek others trying to make a big decision that  will affect them long term I notice those start to do all the right things to lead up to that. It's almost as if they change completely by dropping bad habits, creating new habitis, becoming more responsible and start a routine. I believe In every persons life they think of  making a big decision that affects their life and for me the time is now. During the last month of school I preparing and studying the things that actually matter. In order to move on in life you need to grow up and thing of the future. Many thoughts have crossed my mind to try to make a better future and for myself to make a big plunge into the future. I don't care what is going to make others happy because I know I'm going to be the in the end whose going to be happy. A fresh start is good and never be afraid of letting go to those things we harp on everyday. 

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