Friday, April 4, 2014


What I talked about in class was how I'm going to teach what I know. With bodybuilding it's hard to understand and get a deep meaning of what it is and what it's about. I feel if
I have someone interview me and follow me as I go through the day and how much work I put into training, eating and educating myself. I've seen many documentaries on body builders and when your watching the sweat and they are shaking trying to talk cause they haven't ate carbs for two weeks. You get a real feel for it, not only is a sport but it's a test of determination and ambition. If I were to do that it would put the cherry on top of what I'm really passionate about. You can see what I do when I'm around you but when it's time to put life aside and make body building  my life you don't see what happenes then. I'm really passionate about this and i can make it apart of my future when later down the road I can see this video and see the progress and have a resource to teenagers in body building.

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