Friday, April 11, 2014


The crossroads of where I'm at in my life is what I want. I'm not doing what I should be doing or what I must be doing. I have plans to move to Las Vegas Nevada with my dad. Originally with body building he helped me so much and taught me what I know now. Las Vegas is body building central they have the Mr.olympia competition their every year. I can finally start training seriously with a nice structures house life. I will be helped with living because my dad has his own house and he's going to help me get a job. I want to pursue my dreams and make money at what I am good at and what I look foward to every day. In the process I will be going to school to get degrees in health and fitness and get a good job to provide for myself (meals,supplements, ect). I'm not doing anything that's forcing me to do so or because I have to. Life isn't should or must that doesn't make a perspective in my life right. That's some one else's thoughts so I don't exactly agree that life is should or must. I should do the right thing, or I  must do the right thing. I just do what I feel is right in my head.

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