Monday, March 10, 2014

Thoughts of Jacob

My blog isn't what I want it to be. If you view my blog you see that it's my course blog and my thoughts are put in the subject. A blog in my mind should be around a subject or a persons personal thoughts and expirences. For me accessibility to a computer is limited, not as an excuse but some of my peers blogs look up to date with post and have an awesome layout. My thoughts and cooporation are put in the class room where we LEARN. The internet is a universe of unlimited knowledge to anyone with acess to it.  Writing a post isn't hard at all but the hard part for me is the fact that this blog is used for school. In confusion of doing a post I'm not sure what input is required at times. We have a right to our opinion but I don't see how my opinion matters if I'm the only one looking at it. How are students suppose to know how there progress  if no one is there giving feedback. Look at it from a different point of view, yeah you could have 100+ blog posts over the required amount but what does that do for me? I have two comments from my class letting me know they like my thoughts but where's the foundation? Once introduced to this way of education  students have to adapt to doing this type of  corriculem. Everyone is different, what you think might be unacceptable could be magicifcant to another. This blog in the beginning was suppose to be  as a way to turn in assignments in my point of view. Gears switched and now we're suppose to post our passion and  what we are interested in. 

Main points to put in thought;
1. Feedback! We're suppose to express our feelings and opinions but what are yours?
2. Grading scale. How do we know what's required of what we are graded upon.
3. Different point of views. Everyone thinks different when judging upon something there's a surface and a deeper meaning.

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