Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This is only a test (bodybuilding)

If someone in body building was to be tested I feel the test would be more of an essay. First off they would need to know basic knowledge of exercises and body parts. They would have to go into detail about these exercises and how they affect certain body parts. The test would also have to include nutrition information (Macros,nutrients,ect.) how nutrition plays an important role from different phases of a body builder. Posing would be a factor that's the true test to see your hard earned work be judged against other hard working body builders. In the armature field it's a different game people are trying to fight for the spot and the stage is what really makes or brakes your hard work. Body builders  are very strict with their training, diet and poses. Through the years I've watched constant videos of posing and the poses that go on stage. I would expect a body builder to know supplementation and protein synthesis. There is many different things that would go into the test. But you don't know what really goes on in body building till you see their every day lives and how they go about meal prep and sleep. A body builder should have knowledge of the endocrine syestem, knowing how hormones are affected during sleep; from what you eat, your mood, stress, all kinds of factors play into it.

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