Thursday, March 13, 2014

I entrepreneur

The person I'm looking to as an entrepreneur is Kai Greene. He is defined as an entrepreneur because he has to work on his own to build himself and sell his physique to judges. That is his main source of income, although I don't know if he owns or provides other goods and services but by the way entrepreneur was defined in my class I believe he is one.

In my opinion I'm not an entrepreneur mainly because I don't have the free time as I would like to go out and make money. Once I graduate highschool I will have a lot more opportunities to explore the world and use my ambition to put my ideas and social skills to use.

I believe being an entrepreneur In today's society is becoming more popular. Doing so isn't quiet easy, and as my class discussed yesterday we should teach how to think for yourself instead of following the norm, being able to work for yourself is one thing I believe everyone should obtain. That's a good  skill to obtain and if you can't then without them your not  able to make it without this type of pryramid ladder thing that you see in restarunts and  businesses.

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