Monday, March 10, 2014

My future. My meaning

Jacob Caldwell
Dr. Preston
Expository writing and composition

Growing up as a kid I would see my dad and always say to myself I want be like him. Some boys at a young age all want to say that but my reason in particular is because he is into bodybuilding and good at it. His whole life he has been in good shape. I saw pictures of him when he was 17 and I was amazed of how good of shape he was for his age. When my dad first introduced me to bodybuilding I was 11 and he bought me a curl bar and weights. He showed me some workouts and I hopped right on it. From then on I wanted to be big and strong. I was always a scrawny kid I didn't weigh a 100lbs till I was a freshmen. I wrestled for a few years and always at the lowest weight classes. When I was 12 I got arrested and got grounded for a long time. That summer I didn't have anything to do besides workout. I had a pull-up bar and a weight set. Those three months I gained 8 pounds of muscle and became obsessed with bodybuilding. I would sit at home and research different exercises and what to eat and how much protein I need to consume. From that point on I kept at it I never stopped and always kept trying to get better. When I was 15 I got in trouble at school a lot and was basically grounded for the year. This time I lived with my mom and I didn't have any weights. So I was stuck I couldn't workout, the next year I was doing better in school and was staying out of trouble. When my 16th birthday came up and my mom gave me two choices for a present. Either I could get my license or get a gym membership, I chose the gym membership. It has been a year and four months from that day and I am still making progress. Every day I look in the mirror and never feel satisfied because I can be better than the day before. Bodybuilding for me is an escape from all the drama and stress everyday life brings. Being at the gym getting stronger and seeing your physique change makes me feel euphoric. You get a rush after lifting heavy, and have a great sense of well-being. Most kids my age spend their free time being lazy and eating food that makes you lethargic, so they feel like they have a hard time being motivated to workout. When I lift at school and everyone is watching me, I don't feel confident or cocky. I feel angry because these kids just watch me lift while they don't do anything. I take every chance I can to lift, I don't let anything or anyone distract me from making gains in the gym. It's me I'm the only one that's there building my body, if you're into bodybuilding you should think the same. Eat for function not for pleasure, eating junk food and not consuming the correct nutrients isn't going to get you anywhere. When I want to eat I think of what will provide me with the nutrients; proteins, carbs and calories. I'm open to help others that are into bodybuilding as well. When I first started I wish I could have had a person tell me the things I know now. There is no such thing as too much information. This is what my future is, and I have the ambition to drive myself in that direction. Bodybuilding to me is life when I hear someone mention working out my ears open up and I listen. I think about it in my sleep, taking a day off the gym feels like being away from home.

My education on bodybuilding branched out into the science behind hormones also known as endocrinology. Those two go together like peanut butter and jelly. Hormones can be a difference from a man to a boy, in this sense it's being anabolic and building muscle. Without knowledge the endocrine system you fail to understand why you and how you build muscle. It's a difficult subject to venture into, but I'm interested because knowing how my hormones can affect my physical appearance can bring me closer to achieving goals. You can eat an apple and that could affect your hormones without a thought. What you eat and how much sleep can affect your hormones, and sense that reacts with the muscle development and protein synthesis.

When I began to body build I thought it was as easy as just eating and lifting. I'm sure that's what 90 percent of most people in the gym think you have to do. For me I realized there is a science behind it. What you hear from your parents and what you see in media shadows the actual art of body building. I branched out and began to see the other side. If I had a question I would search to find the answer. I want to maximize my fullest potential going beyond what your physical capability. When you have the mental capacity to be open to wisdom and simplicity of the hard work, you are able to achieve your goals and become better. I learned body building is like being an artist. You see different views of the body and how simple movements with weight can make a difference on lacking body parts. Body builders aren't meat heads; the stereotype of a bodybuilder has been shot down. Now a days body builders who are dedicated to being better than the best are doing whatever research they can get with 24 hours of a day. I learn something new every day and I'm open to new information, but that's limited to because people are biased toward what works for them. Everyone is different and what worked for
Dorian Yates most likely won't for you. My knowledge of body building is expanding like the universe, and won't stop till I'm not longer functioning.

From the semester in the fall I can't say I have used tools to better my passion. Because I don't know what tools I'm supposed to use. If I have question I get my information from an experienced body builder with knowledge, such as my dad. I don't feel the need to ask my generation questions because they don't have the answer. In my opinion Kids my age don't get the body building life style and what really goes into it. Just by looking at someone's physical appearance can tell me if I can ask them for advice. Why should I ask advice from a person without experience? My tools are staying with me and new ones are along the way. I like to go by the motto if it's not broken don't fix it. I fail to collaborate because I can't find a person with the knowledge I have obtained and those also don't have interest to go in deep into subject. How to fix it? You might say to go out and talk to others but I have that's why I made that statement. It's no ones fault, it's just people are not as informed or interested in the subject.

In the future I plan on proceeding with body building and endocrinology becoming a weights coach at the start. But while having a good job I want to go to school for endocrinology and get my doctorate. I have good training hands on with body building. And to get my certification to be a weights coach will just be the stepping stone. I want to be and endocrinologist and study anti-aging medicine. With the ambition body building brought me I feel I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. If I want it I'll work to the grave to get it. Body building is in my blood and every day I get up I look forward to getting my hands on some weight and make gains. My future is every meal and every workout it just brings me one day close to use my passion to help others with the same passion. I'm willing to sacrifice my time and money for my passion. I save over 80 percent of my money just so I can go to school and get my education to achieve the career I've dreamed of.

In the world we see people do outstanding things the common person can't. The ones willing to put in the time, effort and sacrifices are the ones admired because the people who are impressed with that image are the ones not doing it. So when you see these professionals on stage you sit in awe because the people in the seats don't have to go through the everyday struggle. In a way body builders do what people don't want to so when looked at these body builders with and outstanding body completion do the hard work for the people who don't. The presence of a body builder makes people turn heads. You look at that guy in aisle six at food max and he's wearing a tank top you notice his veins and muscles look outstanding and can't help to look twice. What impresses people is the ability to alter your genetics and make a god like physical appearance. Most don't understand that body builders who are dedicated eat to function, and every part of the day revolves around their physical appearance. The impressive part is on the surface and what you see. Not the struggle of being able to look that way.

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