Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Generation

So we got to discussing generation x in my class today. And my teacher was discussing  how generation x is no longer in the media as before where that generation is the original slackers and the ones to mess everything up. But I think as the time goes on the generation before leaves the next one with all kinds of problems. Seems like every president doesn't know what to do and it feels like problems rise more everyday. I think my generation will change a lot of these problems. Were more about being reasonable instead of jumping to conclusions and causing a war. Their is enough secrets that the government hides from us that we could make a never ending book about it. Every generation has there problems but as time progresses we only become better and our minds are more devolped. Our ideas can be put in reality and our elder generation running the country right now doesn't care about us if they did they would put their best interest in running this country.

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