Friday, February 21, 2014

Journal 2/21

I'm doing good on my masterpiece  I just got a meeting with a owner of a wellness program. He's looking for people looking to have enthusiasm about individuals looking to better themselves.
This gets my foot in the door. My golden opportunity because this is where my experience begins. I feel like I am fit for this position. I can excel as a wellness trainer. I feel satisfied with my education I have a countless number resources I find new ones everyday on my own. Even before this project I would find resources that I can learn from everyday. I feel with my own ambition I can do what I please, I have drive to accomplish my dreams. When I have passion for something I get addicted to it, doing whatever I can to learn more about it and get more experience.


  1. hey go to my blog right now and fallow me and ill do the same for you! I'm doing journalism now and I know you like body building so I can possibly write an article for you if you would like me to ? HMU