Tuesday, February 11, 2014


During my time in high school I have obtained skills and intelligence from expirence from the inside and more of outside. I thought I wanted to be a nurse but that's was not just good enough. Anyone can be a nurse, go to school for two years get your bachelors and then get into the nursing program. But I wanted to go into further. Becoming a nurse is a set goal but that's not what I actually feel happy with. I love to workout, fitness and whatever subject that has to do it with (ex. Endocrinology). That's why I want to go I to coaching/ physical education. I don't want to be just a P.E teacher I want to be a role model for kids who are trying to better there physical appearance and obtain their goals. I like to learn about things I can do everyday to make me look and feel better. When you eat good you feel good and you look good. I don't see a reason to be lazy and not achieve a physical appearance. Some say cause they obtain "satisfaction" on how they look without eating right or proper exercise. Well just because you can be satisfied without taking care of yourself doesn't mean your healthy. Your body is like a machine it's composed of different parts that run on essential nutrients and proteins. Your mind might be satisfied with how you look, but on the inside your body is not satisfied. Just getting by when it comes to your body is not close to good enough. That's what I want  to go to school for kinesiology, endocrinology, physical therapy, hormone replacement therapy, bodybuilding. To have the right education to inform people on how to  keep orderly with taking care of themselves.


  1. your the 1 out of 5 students I chose to look at your blog and all that good stuff.. I think your blog is very organized, up to date and shows some personality. Good job keep up the good work!

  2. I agree with what Loren said. Your blog is very organized, you show your personality through your posts, and you speak your mind.