Monday, January 27, 2014


For most of the senior class this year we are ready to go. Most of everyone I talk to is doing there own thing and have a set plan for their future. So most students feel like as if this year didn't exist (as in they graduated last year) they would be on there path to there goals. I feel the same, not that it's a waste of time, but if I only had to go to school for two classes a day  i would have the rest of the day to get my responsibilities done. In case I have four elective classes. Which are; teachers assistant, weights, photoshop, and horticulture. Now take this however you want, but I generally feel like I can achieve satisfaction in a class even without going half the time. I don't have homework and if I did I wouldn't have time to. So I do feel as well like the rest of the classes I have are a waste of time. I learned how to photoshop my face on a character in a picture. Took three weeks, I learned the first day. That means in that class I sit down and do nothing, in my T.A class I sit, in weights I lift (and I have. Gym membership), and in my horticulture class I water and cater to plants.. So four hours of my day I could be outside where I have freedom to the food I want and work more hours and actually have more of a life. People don't realize it, senior year kids are saving money and also having to provide for themselves. I'm not lazy in school, I don't have "senioritis" I have AMBITION to pursue my goals. But I have to sit for four more months. I take my core classes seriously but I just feel like the rest of the day is a day where you feel like you didn't accomplish anything.

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  1. Ugh. That has to be hard. Read Langston Hughes "A Dream Deferred." Then get on your horse and LAUNCH your next few months. Whether you learn about something different, or whether you learn how to be a more effective teacher/coach (anyone can take roll and throw out the balls), it's time to put your days to better use.