Friday, January 10, 2014

The Choice

It's called the choice because the little girl doesn't have one and she can't make a call in her struggle. There is a choice you can let her live with chemotherapy which will damage her body and immune syestem and prob allow her to live till her 20s, or let her die. Preferably I would rather see my child (if I had one) I wouldn't want my last memories of her to be throwing up wasting away. If I knew the cancer want treatable id let the child die. Not for me not for anyone besides the child because I've lived through someone in cancer treatment and they spent millions to treat it. Two months later he was dead and left his wife and two children a 2 million hospital bill. You see that's just pointless let's spend all this money just to watch a man suffer. In my opinion cancer can be treated without chemo. Chemo destroys every cell in your body. Basically destroying your body till the cancer is gone. The little girl in the story was upset cause she couldn't play with a toy that was only for older kids. She wanted to play with it because she didn't think she would live to the age of required on the toy. I agree with her completely she wants to take advantage of every experience as a child she can before her times up. I would never let someone with cancer in my family take chemo. That is the dumbest thing in the world. People don't get it but doctors and the hospitals are corrupt. They really don't care about you they just care about getting paid. Just like a mechanic sees each car as another car. So in reality they are trying to "help" you but really there laughing behind your back because there going to be rich off one patient. Anyone on this planet I wouldn't let do it, popping 15 pills a day, losing your hair, losing weigh, losing hair, mood. All the stuff that makes people have a reason to live will be gone and now after the cancers gone the body there living in will be like a house with termites, just waiting to collapse. I think the parents of the story are selfish for endorsing this pain on their daughter. I read a story about a mom who treated her sons cancer with marijuana. But then CPS and the government try to take her child away for abuse. Excuse me but i don't know if you read that correctly but she treated her sons cancer with out having to kill his character. I feel for the author but he has to understand his daughter brings him happiness and if that was true he wouldn't make her live her last years killing herself slowly and expensively.

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