Friday, September 13, 2013

Literature analysis buried onions

     When I first opened this book I began to realize it was set in Fresno Ca. That's where I was born and raised. From there I was really intrigued about a story that sets where I was born. The story starts off when the main character finds his cousin dead. It's a hard point in his life and he is constantly in the mix if gang violence and drugs. His best friend, dad, and cousin are all dead. He lives on his own and has a mom that lives about 25 mins away in a town called Merced. It's based on a true story about the authors life in the ghetto. Characters names are changed in the story cause the main charters name is eddy. The author chose to write about this because he lived the life in Fresno that a lot of young males go through in the city. There are lots of hardships and violence in the city and lots of people from there would relate to the struggles that eddy goes through. I chose to read this book because I am Fresno Ca and like to hear stories that I can relate to. All types of bad things happen in that city, it's almost normal to be struggling in that city. Opening the book and when I recognized the names of the streets mentioned and certain spots around the city. In the book it mentions a shooting that happened years ago and I remember hearing about it. That's how I really knew the story was true. The beginning of the book you think the main character is a good guy trying to make it through lift. As you continue to read you will realize eddies the same punk kid as everyone else. He depicts people surrounded by him as gangsters who do dangerous crimes and drugs along the way.  He is really no better, every time he goes on about something that happen he disappears for a couple days then comes back out and it goes back an fourth. I feel the author chose to write about this because In Fresno it happens everyday to young children.  Eddy looks like any ordinary male wears a white shirt with dickies pants tucked in. He acts as if he is a good kid but he's really doing the same thing as the other gangsters in the town. Angel dresses like eddy there actually a lot of the same. But angel is the type if person you can't turn your back too. A very sketchy person in my opinion. Carlos is eddies cousin who is in the military,  used to be a gangster when they were little. He grew up and went onto the marines and became successful. He's a very masculine man with an attitude where he's the best.What makes the characters good enough to put in the story is because they are everyday people in the ghetto of a larger city. In today's society the ghettos are overlooked and never get worked on by programs of fundraisers especially Fresno. It's not everyday stories of your hometown are published in a book. Most think Fresno is a nice populated are with agriculture and a good history. On the inside there's gangs, cartels, murders and drugs. There all over hiding in the night waiting to snatch up high school kids. That's why I feel it's important to acknowledge these parts of town so a difference can be made. I believe the author did use foreshadowing a few times in the story such as when you find out Angel killed eddies cousin Jesus. When I read that I automatically caught the Irony. Angel was Jesus's best friend but got killed him over a stolen car. I found it ironic that "Angel" killed "Jesus". They were best friends I mean look at there names. One sign of symbolism was after Jesus died angel came around eddy almost everyday trying to comfort him. Almost as he had guilt. The author mainly focuses on the main character eddy. They follow him as if he is narrating the story. His thoughts are shared and are descriptive. And shares his struggles in the city. The author issues a time where it's a very stressful place to be. Takes place in the hot summer where the suns always glaring. Eddy seems to always be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyday for him seems to get harder and harder as if everyday is just another obstacle. The attitude expressed in the city is more of you have to struggle before you move forward. Just like it rains before a rainbow. Toward the end of the story eddy starts to get his life together and moves into the right direction. As I read you see him making more adult like decisions. He later joins the navy.  In the story the past is often mentioned. The past of gangs and violence. Certain parts of the town are worse than others but mainly all over the town is trouble. This information really matters because you get an idea of how it's been for decades. Now you see it more everyday. More shootings, drugs, gang violence etc. From this story it really showed me how you can start from the very bottom of the ghetto. And move up to getting a career that pays well. Ill also remember that just because everyone, literally everyone, does drugs and gangs bangs around me doesn't mean you have to follow the same path. You can strive forward from anywhere and go anywhere. It's your life and you living it. Take advantage of every good opportunity that comes your way.

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