Monday, September 23, 2013


Now more than ever before American society advanced in literacy skills from its diverse students and citizens. Kids with a college education are given more job opportunities than those with just a high school diploma. Young people begin to benefit from the fluency of an array of reading materials. Our social and cultural experience with reading and writhing shape how we are likely to comprehend and engage with academic reading. English reading writing and composition teaches the three appeals of rhetoric ethos. 1. The presentation of character and authority of the speaker. 2. The use of evidence and authority of the speaker.  3. The evocation of the audiences emotions. Questions about ethos pathos and logos teach students how authors deploy rhetorical and linguistic strategies designed to persuade readers. The reader becomes more capable of to perceive the rhetorical machinery action and feel they have the power to read more complicated material. This awareness of their own power to "read between the lines".

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