Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Obesity is a disease, and millions are affected. over 300,000 die every year from this disease. In the article below. It describes how obestiy affects teenagers, and how teenagers are more obligated to eat fast food. In my opinion this article has a good point. The food Americans consume on a day to day basis isn't really food, there food like products. Most Americans know its not good for you, but most Americans or in this case teenagers, are always on the go and have to consume food quickly in order to function throughout there busy day. Even myself i know how hard it is to make your food before school and have to heat it up at school and such.  It's hard that's why most kids are becoming obease everyday. These decsions will affect you down the road. During the summer when we have all the time in the world, it is mostly spent on a couch playing Xbox live with your friends. Lets face it though most teenagers won't spend time cooking a meal. They're use to there parents doing it for them. So they will turn to the McDonalds down the street. It's  the consumers freedom to do what they want with there body. You have every right in the world to eat where you want. It's also the consumers responsibility to know what they are consuming. Teenagers mostly don't care about that, it taste good. It doesnt make you feel good, it's just so cheap and delicious that it's hard not to. In my opinion fast food doesn't make you obease. It's the indulgence of it that causes you to become obease. Just like everything else it doesn't happen over night. If you abuse anything there's side affects in this case you abuse how much fast food you consume. Each one of these meals has enough calories and fat for a whole day.

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