Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reflections on week one.

There won't be really any factors that will affect my participation in the class. I work at subway and I get a lot of hours so I'm pretty busy but I work at night so I will have time after school to do homework.

An awesome learning expirence for me was two years ago when I was a sophomore. I was messing up pretty bad ditching class and making the wrong decsions. I fell into the wrong crowd and such and got in big trouble. It really opened my eyes and I realized I had to grow up. And doing that kind of stuff wasn't cool it was making me a loser. From there I focused on school and got my grades up and continued to my junior year.

I'm mostly excited about this blog thing dr. Preston has set up. I'm not really used to it but its pretty cool how he's really into our thoughts and how he's always wanting to help. I'm looking forward to learning new things and being able to learn to talk around a crowd of people. Throughout the years I have only done a few assigments that were oral, but since we talk about it as a class is new and pretty interesting.

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