Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Essay idea

Today in class we discussed essay ideas on obesity. Their was a several good ones thrown out there, but, in my opinion the one I chose is best. Now our whole life we are taught what our parents know is best. They always know how to fix your scraped knee or your sadness,but parents could be a source to obesity. When I was growing up my dad was a bodybuilder. So he had a strict diet up to 6 meals a day. Around dinner time he would make dinner for everyone,so we ate what he made. It always consisted of healthy foods, I remember eating tuna at least four times a week. Since my dad ate that way it grew on our family. Till this day I have the same eating habit as he did, being healthy is always important to me. With other families it might be different, when you see an obese father usually his whole family is fat. This is because we eat what our parents out on our plate. That could play an important role in obesity in today's society.

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