Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Value of life

In my opinion life is a time given to you and witht that time you are to do what you can do and shape yourself in the world. Some people say love is for the meaning of life or becoming a rich actor. But to me life isn't any of that. As soon as your born your destined to die, eventually. Some people in the world aren't given the same amount of time as others that why we go through struggles everyday to make a better life for ourselves. In your mind it's only you, there's not five or six people in your head as a team you are apart of. It's just you and that's the selfishness we have to have because some peoples lives are about helping others. Those kind of people make the impact, but in 20 years whose gonna remeber that guy who died? Even if it was you, your existence won't have meaning. You'll be long forgotten, as people are to busy to even care. Sure they my remenise on memories but your life is not apart of there's and that is why we value each day. We try to make the most of the time we got cause were on a clock and we are destined to die on a certain day you don't know it, no body on earth does.

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