Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hamlet to be or not to be (my version)

The question  Whether to continue to exist or not. Cause in our minds we are all just another person in a desk on the tenth floor making a living. It's a touching emotion for all of us, death he says dream forever. Why live with what is? When I can dream of what to be. Every time we make a change in our lives we are killing our old selves. But why should we make a change when can just do the same thing and think the same way so there's no need to worry or get used to.That person yesterday is dead and today he or she is a different person. And if he were to kill himself he can he can stop the heartaches and pain we go through everyday. The adventure through death is the scariest because we don't know what is really going to happen. Thinking about it makes us all cowards within ourselves. The face we can just ignore life by ending, not stress nothing just and eternal sleep.

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